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"I wanted to let you know that my daughter gave a great testimonial for the stress rose essence. She is 16 and has been getting these hives from stress at school. Since she started taking the rose essence she is not getting them!
Tildet V., New York

Rosa 'Alchemist' Essence LOVING CHARACTER, CLEANSING Essence:
"I have been going through a lot spiritually recently, so a lot of old emotions are coming up. My emotions seemed to flow more freely and it was easier to work through the resistance...The essence really helped the emotions come in a more subtle way instead of overpowering me." K. Ashton, New Hampshire

'Sea Pearl' RESILIENCE Essence:
"I am a massage therapist. After I got 'Sea Pearl' Essence from you, it supported me. I felt like I was getting sick and I didn't want to miss doing any massages. So, I took the 'Sea Pearl' and I felt that it really supported me to keep my resolve and to follow through. I felt is supporting me during this time. Thanks." D. Twigg, Massage Therapist, Pennsylvania

I used your essences after a long vedic chanting and meditation ceremony. They helped with grounding, and me with an expansion headache. With all that is going on...some of us might need help holding the expanded energies. Thanks,
K.J. ,Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Energy Healer, Pennsylvania
PEACE Aroma Mister
"I sprayed PEACE spray at my job, where there had been a lot of conflict. I went into the back office and sprayed it before anyone else came in. When my co-workers came in, they were peaceful! I did this several times with the same results."
A. Dilworth, Holistic Health Practitioner, Georgia

'Sea Pearl' rose essence
"I really noticed that I was more open and compassionate towards people. The essence worked well."
B. Canedy, Consultant, Pennsylvania

"I am impressed with the purity and effectiveness of your essences... I plan to continue using your products..."
M. Baierski, California

Silky Rose and Lavender Body Butter
"I just love your body butter. It has really helped to smooth out the 'alligator skin' that I have on my arms. I tried many other products that didn't work. I will continue to purchase it. Thank you so much."
R.P. Retired Nurse and Author, Pennsylvania

'Double Delight' rose essence
"Thank you so much for the gift of 'Double Delight'. Totally lovely. I took it this morning and it had a feeling of sweetness." I. R., Education Director, Pennsylvania

'Fragrant Plum' rose essence
"This week I began with a trip to my doctor (D.O., Acupuncturist, Herbalist). I was experiencing a very painful back, which he and I believe is sciatica. The treatment was wonderful! Never before has my back pain been relieved while the acupuncture needles are inserted. I felt really great. But Thursday morning, I felt the pain again. I also examined my mind and found that I felt overwhelmed. As usual, there was too much to do and way too little time. So, I took the essence that morning. I went from having pain any time I bent over slightly in the garden, very early in the morning, to feeling great by the time I went to work" B.B., Arizona

'Mon Cheri' rose essence -
"Heart opening, specifically to romantic love possibilities, also, sensitivity to memories and releasing grief around romantic love experiences. Appreciation of what is sensuality without really wanting more. I can definitely feel the effects of the rose essence. There is a deep love-opening happening inside me, perhaps as deep as the red of 'Mon Cheri'. The romantic in me is certainly awakened, but there is much more than this. It is with a love for greater humanity, and with more compassion and sensitivity that my heart awakens. " C.D., North Carolina

'Evelyn' rose essence -
My observations of this ('Evelyn') essence were that it affected my root and sacral energy centers, issues of family were pushed to the surface to be released. I felt grounded in my own power, not caught up in old family dynamics. It seemed to keep my heart open in the process also. Felt very nice, warm, pinkish light from the essence. J. S., Minnesota

Self-Nurture Formula, which contains 'Sea Pearl' rose essence -
So far one of my favorite essences has been Self Nurture. What an impact this essence played in my everyday life! I could not believe that on my days off I really tested (kiniesiology) for a lot more drops&I guess the reason for this was because I am a massage therapist and I am booked for a year&So on the weekends I found that this essence helped me to take time for me to self-nurture me and I did just that. I really think I found I had far more energy using this essence on the weekend to do what I needed to do, but also had time to pamper myself! J.G., Massaage Therapist, Ohio

Self-Love & Peace formula, which contains 'Tiffany' rose essence
I have really made some progressive-positive changes (using Self-Love & Peace formula) in my life. I really believe that the tincture has helped me to focus and to stay in the moment. I have especially utilized the tincture to help me surface my suppressed emotions that hold back my growth. I firmly believe that using tools such as flower essences is very helpful& S. P., Student, Arizona

'Y'ves Piaget' rose essence -
I was afraid of opening to love. I am noticing a heart opening that is slow and subtle, yet a perceptible and wonderful process. I feel softening and awakening in my heart center, my sensitivities are perhaps a little heightened emotionally, yet in a safe and flowing way. North Carolina

Lightness of Heart formula, which contains 'Anastasia' rose essence -
"I feel so much more focused and clear. J. M., Grant Writer, Arizona

'Tiffany' rose essence, which is contained in Self-Love & Peace formula, - 4 drops orally, three times daily for four months -
I was very disheartened by my girlfriend of eight years when our relationship was in question. Needless to say, I was brokenhearted and I allowed this essence to help me keep my heart open. These essences are the most healing that I have encountered. We managed to stay connected and I attribute it to my determination and the essence. M. S., Computer Programer, Texas

" I love your spray. I use it everyday." S.H., Japan

"It makes me feel like the sky!" Joey, 7 years old.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are supportive and not meant to replace the care of a qualified health care professional.

Read more testimonials, case examples and user observations in the book, ROSE FLOWER ESSENCES: A New Guide to Natural Healing with 65 Remedies Made From The World's Most Beloved Flower

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