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Chapter 1 – Flower Essences: Tools for Healing
Historical Uses of Flower Essences
Flower Essence Therapy in the West
Why Use Rose Flower Essences?
Should I Take Rose Flower Essences?
How Do I Choose and Take a Rose Flower Essence?

Chapter 2 – Rose Paradigms: Healing with Rose Flower Essences
A Brief History of the Rose
Why the Rose?
Roses and Their Essences as Therapeutic Aids
Rose Flower Essences as a Branched Healing System
The Healing Signature of the Rose
The Positive Soul Qualities Supported By Rose Flower Essences
A Unique Interpretation of the Soul Qualities Supported By Rose Flower Essences

Chapter 3 – Rose Flower Essences and the Memory of Water
The Discovery of “Living Water”
Messages from Water

Chapter 4 – Flower Essence Healing in Your Garden
The Garden as a Healing Space
Working with Rose Flower Essences in Your Healing Garden

Chapter 5 – 52 Rose Flower Essences, Their Healing Potentials and Practical Applications

Chapter 6 – 13 Combination Formulas
Compassion ~ Forgiveness Formula
Faith in the Storm Formula
Grief Relief Formula
Heart Balance Formula
Lightness of Heart Formula
Love’s Expression Formula
Love Source Formula
Loving Relationships Formula
Open Heart Formula
Self-Nurture Formula
Self-Love & Peace Formula
Share Love Formula
Stress Rescue–Five-Roses Formula

Chapter 7 – How to Choose Your Personal Healing Essences
Asking for Higher Guidance
Acknowledging Your Positive Potentials and Spiritual Aspirations
Scanning Your Body for Unresolved Feelings
Using Muscle Checking (Kinesiology)
Using the Keywords and Repertory
Various Ways to Take Rose Flower Essences

Chapter 8 – The Repertories
Rose Flower Essence Repertory
According to Positive Aspiration
According to Rose Name

Chapter 9 – How To Make Your Own Rose Flower Essences
The Sun Method
The Moon Method
The Boiling Method
Alternative Methods of Preparing the Essence to Prevent Plant Trauma
How to Prepare the Mother Essence
How to Prepare a Stock Essence
How to Prepare a Dosage Essence
How to Prepare a Rose Flower Essence Formula
How to Prepare a Rose Flower Essence Mist Spray

Chapter 10 – Bath Therapies with Rose Flower Essences
Rose Flower Essence Bath Therapy and Aroma-Massage
Compassion ~ Forgiveness Bath
Expression of Love Bath
Faith in the Storm Bath
Grief Relief Bath
Heart Balance Bath
Lightness of Heart Bath
Love Source Bath
Loving Relationships Bath
Open Heart Bath
Self-Love & Peace Bath
Self-Nurture Bath
Share Love Bath
The Grief Relief Stone Massage Aromatherapy Bath
A Personal Healing Experience with Flower Essence Bath Therapy

Chapter 11 – Observations by Esssence Users

Chapter 12 – Observations by a LaStone™ Massage Therapist

Chapter 13 – A LaStone™ Therapist’s Journal

Chapter 14 – Biofeedback Imaging Reveals Bio-Energy Changes

Endnotes to Chapter 1
Endnotes to Chapter 2
Endnotes to Chapter 3
Endnotes to Chapter 4
Endnotes to Chapter 6

Appendix A: 52 Roses: Color, Fragrance and Body Energy Centers

Appendix B: 16 Roses and their Corresponding Essence Formulas

Appendix C: 18 Flowers in the Combination Formulas

Appendix D: Roses for Balancing Energy Centers

Appendix E: A Transcript of Two Biofeedback Imaging Sessions

Glossary of Rose Categories
Glossary of Terms


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Rose Resources (General)
Resources for Amber and Cobalt Glass Bottles
Resource for Violet Glass Bottles
Resources for Red Shiso (Red Shiso Perilla Frutescens)
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Sources for Massage/Reflexology Stones



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