Rosaflora Divine Light Flower Essences and Rose-Infused Bath and Body Care
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Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

ROSE FLOWER ESSENCES ARE AVAILABLE. SEARCH TO FIND THE BEST ONES FOR YOU! “...The universe is permeated with the essence of roses..."
Voice of the Divine Feminine

Rose Flower Essences for conciousness expansion and opening the Divine Heart within! WELCOME to Rosaflora" Botanicals - specializing in spiritual transformation, emotional healing, natural wellness and inner and outer beauty with rose flower essences and aromatherapy.

Born out of a love and reverence for roses, our calling is to offer flower essences and rose aromatherapy products to nurture the body and to assist in the personal and planetary shift of human consciousness into Unity and Oneness as the human heart flowers into the Divine Feminine and Unconditional Love.

Through years of research and personal experiences with roses, Rosaflora Divine Light Essences have been prepared to offer you the highest in healing potentials for your body, mind and Spirit.


The Rose is the flower with the highest healing vibration and is the world's most beloved flower. Since the birth of our planet, the Rose, and other flowers have symbolized profound awakening and enlightenment. Offering her delicate beauty and scent, the Rose has been known to bring a special fragrance from the realm of Spirit. Her bloom represents the enlightenment of the plant, a quantum leap in evolution, which we, too, are experiencing at this time of Divine Transformation of our planet.

Rosaflora Divine Light Essences are bio-dynamic, and all-natural. In assisting and accelerating your awakening they can help you to:

* Awaken to your Divine Essence
* Awaken the Sacred Feminine Within * Embody your Divine Purpose
* Clear negative emotions and thought programming in these times of stress, change and life transitions
* Balance and support the nervous system to integrate these changes and growth
* Support the immune system in times of intense physical challenges
* Enhance expression of the Soul's innate creativity
* Inspire Unity, Unconditional Love, Peace, and Joy
* Inspire you towards your Divine Purpose and Infinite Potential

On this website you will find:

* Recent research about the benefits of rose flower essences and rose oil
* Answers to frequently asked questions about rose flower essences
* Books and articles with much more in-depth information about rose flower essences and their role in soul and planetary awakening

CLICK HERE to find out about self-healing with rose flower essences in the book, ROSE FLOWER ESSENCES: A New Guide to Natural Healing with 65 Remedies Made From The World's Most Beloved Flower by Tenanche Rose Golden.

Feel free to search through this website and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you!



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