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ROSE FLOWER ESSENCES: A New Guide to Natural Healing
with 65 Remedies
Made From The World's Most Beloved Flower

Healing Rose Press, 2006
228 pages
ISBN: 1 4116 60560

***CURRENTLY BEING EXPANDED AND UPDATED FOR RE-PUBLISHING! The first book published exclusively about natural healing with rose flower essences and their implications for emotional healing and spiritual growth.

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" ...Quite interesting and enjoyable. I can certainly see its value as a reference guide for healing effects of roses and other aspects; if I have a client interested in rose therapy, I will consult it." Dr. Cornelia Richardson-Boedler, N.M.D., H.M.D, Naturopathic/Homeopathic Physician, Specialist in Bach Flower Therapy

"...a book that empowers you to nurture yourself using rose flower essences with many creative and practical applications. If you want to reduce stress and increase healing in your life, this book is for you." Judith Burnett Schneider, Co-Author, The Frantic Woman's Guide to Life

"A comprehensive guide to rose flower essences with objective and subjective evidence of their healing properties as well as many ways of using them yourself." Amy R. Stine, M.D., Integrative and Complementary Medicine, Mind-Body Approach

"Tenanche's sensitivity to the roses, woven among the pages of this book, brings life to the remedies. One can easily relate to the whole experience and see how each rose can promote health and wellbeing. The exquisite combinations and guidelines on how to create your own rose flower essences are so easy to follow, yet filled with detailed information to encourage growth within one's own practice. Rose Flower Essences is more that just a book on how to use the rose to improve our health, it is a book that opens the soul to sense the gifts of Mother Earth in our daily lives." Mary Nelson, Founder of Lastone Therapy™

What you'll find inside:

* 52 Rose Flower Essence Profiles with their healing qualities
* 13 Rose Flower Essence Combination Formulas and healing benefits
* How to make your own rose flower essences using several methods
* How to make positive lifestyle changes using rose flower essence therapy
* How to experience your garden as a healing space with rose flower essences
* Clinical case examples and anecdotal observations of the healing effects of rose flower essences
* How rose flower essences express the healing memory of water
* How biofeedback imaging shows the effects of specific rose flower essences on the human bio-energy field
* How to use rose flower essences in bath therapy
* And more!


Copyright 2006 © Tenanche Rose Golden. All Rights Reserved.

Book Cover Design © Angi Shearstone
Book Cover Photo © Eric Renard
Back Cover Photos and Interior Rose Photos © Collette Morton - Rose Society of Tucson
All Rights Reserved

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25 Quick and Easy Tips
for Beautiful Skin and Wellbeing

Healing Rose Press, 2009.

This booklet (81 pages, spiral bound) is available in the form of this 1st Edition ($10 plus S&H or receive as a free gift with any order over $75).

Treat yourself to lovelier, healthier skin and sweet aromas using oils and waters distilled from the Rose.

Use Rose Oil and Rosewater for easy skin treatments that you can do at home to add therapeutic benefits to your skin care program.

Learn how Rose OIl and Rosewater can bring peace to your home and environment, helping to calm children, pets and a weary soul during stressful times.

Text includes beautiful quotes about roses from many sources.



Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.


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