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What are vibrational flower essences or remedies? Vibrational flower essences or remedies are liquid extracts made from flower blossoms, (and sometimes the stems and leaves) that help to balance the emotions, heal the body, calm the mind and enhance awareness.

How are flower essences or remedies made? A flower essence, also called a flower remedy, is prepared by infusing the life-force healing imprint or signature of the flower blossom into the molecular matrix of pure water. This is done through an alchemical process of exposing the flower blossom and water to sun or moonlight and the natural elements. The resulting infusion is known as the "mother essence," which is then diluted, preserved and potentized for personal use.

Are any fragments of the flower present in the rose flower essence that I take? Each stock or dosage bottle of flower essence contains only the energetic healing imprint of the flower that is supended in the liquid infusion.

How do I take my rose flower essence? You can take orally from a dropper bottle, 4-7 drops, 3-4 times a day, under the tongue or mixed in pure water, juice, herbal tea. You may also apply essences to pulse points, meridians and body energy centers or administer via mist spray or in a bath.

Is a rose flower essence the same as a rose essential oil used in aromatherapy? A rose essential oil differs in that it has a fragrance and is meant to be used externally. A vibrational rose flower essence has no fragrance and is completely safe to use both internally and externally. In this way, the rose flower remedy brings its uniquely effective healing qualities to the human bio-energetic system.

How do I choose the rose flower essence that will help me best at this time? You may choose the appropriate remedy for your healing process by:

* clicking on the photos of the roses on this website and reading their healing qualities

* choosing intuitively, asking for spiritual guidance as you do

* using Kinesiology (muscle-testing) to let your body's energetic system indicate which essence(s) might most benefit you at this time. For more in-depth information on choosing essences, read ROSE FLOWER ESSENCES: A New Guide to Healing with 65 Vibrational Remedies Made from the World's Most Beloved Flower".

How do I store my rose flower essence? Keep your flower essence in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from the influences of electronic devices such as computers, TV's and microwaves. Storing in a kitchen cabinet or in the fridge will do. When storing in the fridge, keep the bottle away from the light source and put it in a brown paper bag to prevent degredation by artificial light.

If you have other questions about rose flower essences, feel free to contact us.


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