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30 Oct 1999

Hello again, folks. First of all, I'd like to thank all of you LaStone Therapy™ practitioners and students who have sampled the essences. Your support is so gracious and most welcome in furthering our research in this emerging field of vibrational therapy.

In this issue we will talk about using rose flower essences during your therapy sessions to assist in balancing the client. But, even before we do that, as promised, I'd like to outline how to work with the client to choose the appropriate essences for the ssession.

There are a couple of ways to choose essences with your client. I use them all the time in my essence consultations and during talks and demonstrations at health food stores, etc. Most people who are new to the natural healing field are intrigued, to say the least.

Kinesiology, or 'muscle testing' as it is commonly called, is one way to check for essences. A client recently brought to my attention that the word 'test' can have negative connotations for some people and effect the body, causing the muscles to tense and the breathing to shut down. So, I now call this technique, 'muscle checking.' It causes a lot less anxiety all around, and both practitioner and the client can relax a bit more.

In a nutshell, you can muscle-check your client by having them put out their writing arm, stiffly to the side, perfectly parallel to the floor. Ask them to resist as you push down on their arm, close to the wrists. This is the default check. Unless ill or fatigued, they should respond with adequate strength to maintain a strong resistance. Next, (and this is where it gets interesting), put into their non-dominant hand a food that they may be slightly allergic to or a substance, such as tobacco or sugar, that generally weakens the body. Have them hold it against their solar plexus (stomach/spleen area). Ask them to resist again as you push down. The majority of people experience a slight electrical 'short circuit' in their bodies when exposed to these substances and the muscles slightly weaken. You should notice that the client's arm is initially less able to resist as you push down. This is the 'negative' check.

Finally, do the same with the essence bottles that you have on hand, pushing the arm down as the client holds each bottle next to the solar plexus. If the essence is appropriate, there shouldn't be any noticeable weakening in the arm muscle. If the essence is inappropriate, there should be a weakening. Now, sometimes the weakness is very slight, so you may have to be observant and have a 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe or neutral' category for essences which don't seem to be either 'yes' or 'no'.

Once you've gone through several essences, a few should indicate 'yes.' Use those in the session. If, in the end, you have no essences in the 'yes' category, then this may indicate that this therapy is not appropriate for the person at this time.

Of course, the first option is to ask the client what physical, mental and emotional complaints they are having and choose essences according to their healing benefits listed in the repertory that address the client's current issues. You can muscle-check to confirm certain essences or to add other esssences for the session.

At this point, the client may wish to take a few drops of the essenc(s). If you plan on using the same essences for various clients, just drop a few drops of each essence into a paper cut with a tiny bit of water in it and let them drink the essences this way. This will assure that the droppers remain sanitary from client to client. Now that you, the healing space and the client are prepared, on with the massage ssession.

The Heart energy center responds to all roses, as the Rose is the Universal Flower of Love. I highly recommend that you use the essences of pink and red roses, especially the varieties 'Double Delight', 'Tiffany', 'Evelyn', and 'Madame Isaac Pereire'. The corresponding color of the Heart energy center is green, but pink is also recognized as its supporting complementary color and energetic vibration. Most likely, duing the muscle-checking, a couple of these rose essences will have been chosen, so use them with the stones, on your palm, blended with your massage oil, or in other creative ways. The roses will help the client to open to the beautiful, nurturing energy of Love, assisting them to ground in Love's presence, healing light and protection.

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