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30 May 1999

Vibrational essences are here to stay.

Some of you reading this article have probably heard of mineral and flower essences. These are liquid tinctures that have within them the energetic "imprint" or signature of a particular mineral or flower. I've been making and using them for many years. They've helped me quite a bit. Mary Nelson, originator of LaStone Therapy™, was one of the first people in Tucson, AZ (if not actually the first) that I introduced them to back in 1991. She's used them off and on ever since.

Who doesn't love the beauty and scent of flowers and the brilliance and luster of minerals? They uplift us, make us feel better if we're feeling down. They add a certain aura to our environment, lifting our spirits. Their colors, light and energy can enliven or calm us or bring us joy and serenity. Mineral and flower essences can also bring those energies to us. And the actual mineral or flower doesn't even have to be in the room!

How is this so? How do these essences work? "Is this some kind of who-ha New Age mumbo jumbo?" you may ask. Well, before you turn the page, I'm going to ask you a question. Have you ever considered using vibrational essences in your masage or healing practice? If you haven't, once you are more informed about how they work, you may even consider giving them a try. That's exactly why I'm writing this article. So, hang in there and read on.

You may already use aromatherapy in your practice. Many therapeutic practitioners do. You know, you get an essential oil, say - Lavender - and put it in a diffuser or put a couple of drops in your massage oil to relax the client. The lovely scent of the oil wafts through the room as you work. The essential oil enhances both your and the client's overall experience. I've had many LaStone Therapy™ sessions where essential oils were used with great success.

Vibrational mineral and flower essences can, likewise, support and enhance any healing experience. Remember, they work on an energetic level. That is, they can work on the body and its subtle energy systems. As with essential oils, vibrational essences can be applied directly to the body. Unlike essential oils, they can also be taken orally. So, they can affect the mental, emotional and the spiritual aspects of self by affecting its many energetic aspects. If you're wondering how this works, it's easier to understand if you know how vibrational essences are made.

An essence is generally made by taking a clean mineral or flower and placing it in pure water in a clear glass or quartz crystal bowl. The bowl is then set in the mornng sun for a period of time. The sun's light actually bonds the energy of the mineral or flower to the molecules of the water. This is the "imprint." When done, the flower or mineral is removed, brandy or vodka is added to the strained liquid in correct proportion, then poured into a light-fast container. This is called the "mother essence." This mother essence is further diluted to a proportion that is best suited to be ingested or applied topically to the body.

What's fascinating is that there is technically no actual physical evidence of the flower or mineral left in the essence. If someone analyzed its ingredients, they would find only water and some alcohol. That's all. This energized water contains the "essence" of the mineral or flower. It is this essence that works to bring about positive changes and growth in a person. Over the years, I've seen this over and over again and have experienced it myself in very powerful, yet very supportive ways. (Continued in Part 2)

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